Business Unusual is an entrepreneurship blog with an edge. It’s the stage where the nuggets of business come alive. It’s much different from the others. For us here, it’s not business as usual. It’s unusual.

A couple of months back, May precisely, it was my birthday. The usual feelings of excitement, happiness and the likes flooded my being as is normal and drained out as is also normal and then in a moment of epiphany, I sat myself down and began to search within.

Eddie, you’re getting older by the day and soon you’ll have to start putting food on some table. How do you intend to do that? By strangulating yourself with some scruffy tie everyday in a bid to look corporate enough for your bosses? Definitely not. I’ve never really been one to be ordered around. That day I had to make a pact with myself. I decided I was going to be a MAVERICK.

Several months later, my journey has begun. I don’t have the scared scrolls of business sages from time past. I’m no authority either. Rather I’m just another dude who has chosen a path for himself and is ready to go all the way. This blog is a tool to help myself and others who have chosen this path to reach the finish line. Most of the posts you’ll see here will either be as a result of my experiences or that of others ahead of me on this path.

It’s gonna be rough, so get some good shoes on. We are in for a lot. But be courageous. You’re gonna need it. Because it takes courage to do BUSINESS UNUSUAL.

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