Why You Should Start A Business, ASAP!!!

Happy new month mavericks!! September smells real fresh. I have a feeling I’ll like it. No, I’ll love it. And one reason for that being that this blog is coming to inception on the very first day of the month. It’s going to be fun. I can feel it. I hope you will be here to partake in the journey with me.

That said, let’s get on with the very first topic. It seems kind of cliche that an entrepreneurship blog is starting off with a topic like ‘why you need to start a business, asap‘ right? Yeah, I know. But frankly, there won’t be any point doing business ‘unusually’ if we don’t even know why we are in it for starters. So today, we are going to lay the ground work and build from there subsequently. Phew! I’m out of breath already. OK. Let’s just get it rolling.

Picture this scenario with me and I really need you to follow me closely. Very closely. Hey, not that close! Better.

It’s the year 2047 and you’re 30 years older than you are today. 6.00 am and your alarm clock blares off. You open your eyes, one at a time, cursing the innocent device under your breath. You painstakingly try to get up from the bed because you have to go put food on the table and just when you get on your feet, your waist screams, “hey, slow down, I’m not that strong anymore”. You drag your way through a warm bath and then comes the hurried breakfast. It’s 8:23 already, so you stagger as fast you can out your front door into the rain, hoping you’ll catch a bus quicker than normal. And you do. Thirty minutes of a galloping ride later, you get to the office and who do you see first? The manager, with his disdainful look on and a finger pointing to his wristwatch. He looks threatening and he’s not even your mate. Helpless and drenched, you just nod an apology and settle in for the day’s work. Same one you’ve been doing for the past three decades.

That kind of life can be frustrating, to say the least. My heartfelt apologies to those who are already neck-deep in. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. So long as your head is still above the water, a turn-around can be made. It takes just a decision.

But then you may be wondering why I’m suggesting you run from such a ‘safe and secure’ life. There’s a lot of reasons and I’ll try to list as many as I can but the number one reason, for me, is EMOTIONAL SANITY.

Working for someone can be hell. Yes, real lake-of-fire-on-earth kind of experience. The moment you receive that appointment letter, you exchange it with your freedom. Freedom to take off and explore the world. Freedom to stay in pajamas all day. Freedom to create and achieve dreams. Freedom to live. It’s so subtle an exchange, you don’t figure it out right away. It takes those donkey years later when your waist screams out and your mind’s head stays hung all day long before you realize what you’ve done to yourself. Even your voice gets lost in the crowd. Your rights are bought with a paycheck that is barely enough. You just assume a robotic personality. This is where insanity kicks in. No, you don’t strip in public or toss doughnuts out and eat the wrappers. No, it’s not that bad. At least not for those I’ve seen.

Rather, you get unsettled, frustrated, a lot of had-i-known’s and even what-ifs come in, a lot of headache, anger, worries, fears, sicknesses, cursing and the ugly things you never imagined you will do, all because you have to make someone somewhere richer today than he was yesterday. You wish you had followed your own dreams when you were younger. Your family and friends don’t know you anymore. You go emotionally insane.

On the other hand, a business of your own gives you a different experience. Not necessarily better (it has its own crazies), but way more rewarding. You also get to keep your freedom. You can uphold your voice and command respect (just imagine Aliko Dangote was talking to you and your friends in a room). You get to go wherever you want, whenever you want (please don’t do this at the expense of your business). You ultimately get to stay sane. Initially it’s going to be tough. You will get those headaches. But do a little comparison, will you feel better if those headaches created a product that carries your name in almost every home or if they earn you probably N100,000 at the end of the month. You decide.

There are other perks too, though, all of which still leads one way or the other to your sanity.

  1. Self Improvement
    Owning your own business helps you improve your intellects and personality. Applying your mind more, studying and meeting new people consistently helps you improve who you are. Starting a business is serious. Getting into it and sustaining it builds your confidence. You’ll think and act more independently.
  2.  Daily Motivation
    If I can’t guarantee you anything else, this one’s sure. You’ll wake up everyday more inspired and motivated than before. Why? Because you have goals to achieve. You have to prove yourself to yourself again. You are working on a passionate activity. Your own passion. Take it from me, there’s no better feeling. Knowing there’s a need out there you’re going to meet, or a problem only you can solve? That’s some Clark Kent stuff there.
  3. Charity
    Being able to surmount a challenge of some sorts and achieve a seemingly impossible feat has in the past enlarged people’s personas and made them look larger than life. That theory still holds. If you can succeed, people will begin to look up to you, giving you the room to impart in others however you deem fit. You can teach, support, assist, finance and basically change people’s lives and that in turn has a pacifying effect.
  4. Flexibility
    When you run your own business, you can do your work whenever you want. Be you a pathetic workaholic who writes codes even in his dreams or a feeble-boned events planner who only wants to plan events in her backyard, you are well-covered when you run your own business. Whenever, wherever, it’s all up to you. Now wouldn’t you like that?
  5. Financial Stability
    I decided to end this list with this because while it should not be a driving force for running a business, it’s an unavoidable reward, if you are patient enough. Whatever you earn when you run your own business is ultimately yours. Maybe a couple of bills, salaries and commitments can take a percentage out of it but in the end, it won’t even be comparable to what’s yours and yours only.

So, if you haven’t thought about it before, start thinking about. If you’ve been thinking about it, stop and jump in, fast. Do something. Anything. Just make sure you’re closer to achieving your dreams, not emotional insanity, by the day.
And have fun while at it.

Are there other reasons you think are important for a person to become an entrepreneur? Are you an entrepreneur and want to give some insight? Feel free to comment down here. And please remember to share after. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Why You Should Start A Business, ASAP!!!”

  1. Spot on. But that doesn’t discount the fact that for us young folks, starting a business is easier said than done. Surely you have a comment on this?


    1. You’re very right, Augustus. Most young people never come around to starting a business because of the ultimate fear of the unknown. However, on a personal level, I feel overcoming that fear is the first step to attaining financial freedom. Some people even play it safe; keep a job while they start investing. It works out, they quit. It doesn’t, they keep their 9 to 5. That’s a clever option too.

      Thanks for commenting too.


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