The Proper Way To Do Research On A Business Idea

Everyday, (take it from me when I tell you this) business ideas spring up in the minds of people, old or young, male or female, tall or short, sane or … you get the picture, right? Good. When these ‘million dollar ideas’ are birthed, the birther (a word I just formed, shouldn’t be confused with Obama’s citizenship conspiracies) believes this is the one that will trump all others. The one that will shake the foundations of the business world. The one that will click.
Sometimes, they are correct. Many a time though, they are as wrong as a dead clock every other time of the day. Why? Because it takes more than just the juicy nature of an idea for it to get some good footing. It has to be juicy (yes! I said it), good, realistic, demanded, economical and appreciated. And the only way to know this is by planning ahead for your business.

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9 Very Important Things You Should Do Before Starting ANY Business

Starting up a business can be quite an intriguing experience. All the adrenaline rush, exciting daydreams and hopeful projections can make one weak in the knees. Raise your hand if you know that feeling.

It’s even more exciting when you’ve been able to craft a business around something you really love. Not everyone knows how to do this. It can be a very intimidating process trying to figure out an awesome business around your passions. I wrote something on how to do that anyway┬ájust in case you are stuck there. Don’t mention. I got you covered.

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10 Steps To Finding The Perfect Business For You

“Where your talents and the needs of the world intercept, there lies your vocation.”


Hey guys! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Well, I did. I could tell you about it but not here. We have other pressing issues to look at here.

In recent times, I’ve come across people whom in the course of discussion told me stuff like, “I really don’t know which business to do” or “I have some capital but I have no ideas”. Maybe you are one of such people. It’s OK, there’s nothing to be shy about now. Starting a business can be a very scary and tough process and the pressure of getting a brilliant idea doesn’t make it any less scary.

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Why You Should Start A Business, ASAP!!!

Happy new month mavericks!! September smells real fresh. I have a feeling I’ll like it. No, I’ll love it. And one reason for that being that this blog is coming to inception on the very first day of the month. It’s going to be fun. I can feel it. I hope you will be here to partake in the journey with me.

That said, let’s get on with the very first topic. It seems kind of cliche that an entrepreneurship blog is starting off with a topic like ‘why you need to start a business, asap‘ right? Yeah, I know. But frankly, there won’t be any point doing business ‘unusually’ if we don’t even know why we are in it for starters. So today, we are going to lay the ground work and build from there subsequently. Phew! I’m out of breath already. OK. Let’s just get it rolling.

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